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JMsolution Glow Luminous Flower Sun Stick (Rose)

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The JMsolution Glow Luminous Flower Sun Stick with fresh rose water glides onto your skin easily and protects you from UV-rays. 

This very easy-to-use transparent sun stick is lightweight and easy to carry around. Protect yourself from the sun and avoid skin damage. 


Product specification:


Application of skin:
All type of skin

How to use:
Simply take off the cover, turn at the bottom to lift up to body, then simply apply the non-sticky smooth sunscreen on your face and body. You can always use it before putting on makeups.       

Skin Protection from the Sun's UV rays. Brightening. Anti-wrinkles

Flower Extracts


Foundasian Tips
Different than regular sunscreen, this sun stick provide a non-sticky and clear feeling. It has ALL 3 function of SKIN PROTECTION, ANTI-WRINKLES, and BRIGHTENING.

This is especially good during beach days because it won't come off as easily as the regular sunscreen. You know what the best thing is? Your hands won't get all oily when you put on the sunscreen. This is a highly recommended product. Enjoy.